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Should Downloading Be Broken Up Essay - 1251 Words

Traditional downloading is a very simple process: one goes online, finds the file that they desire, and directly downloads the entirety of the file directly to their computer. This process is not only time consuming, it also cannot be broken up, as doing so will cancel the entire process. This way of downloading however can be done alone and without the assistance of anyone beyond the person that uploaded the initial file. Peer to peer file-sharing is a networked way to download a much larger file by downloading it one piece at a time. Users both download and upload pieces of a much larger file at the same time, sharing their pieces with other people who are downloading the file while acquiring new pieces. This process is guided by a very small file called a torrent that permits this transfer to take place by acting similar to a radio frequency. Downloading and running this torrent file will allow you to participate in the information exchange this allows the file transfer to be much faster, seeing as multiple incoming sources exist simultaneously as outgoing sources, but it also allows a user to stop and resume a download at will. The majority of uses for this technology are for illegal downloading, though other companies and products have made use of the speed and clarity offered by peer to peer file sharing. In a moment of irony, Steam, the largest online retailer of PC games, uses the same process as the pirates in order to permit legal users to download the games theShow MoreRelatedThe Digital Music Industry Is Forever Evolving999 Words   |  4 PagesThe digital music industry is forever evolving. The problem of piracy has been created when people began to illegally download music. Music should not be pirated. Piracy can be partially reduced by using various advertising messages encouraging students not to pirate. Music producers should be a given the right to their music. Producers and advertising agencies can work hand in hand to fight the battle of mu sic piracy. The majority of college students may see music piracy as nothing but a way toRead MoreThe Rights Of Music And How Emily Should Feel Guilty Over Something That Can Ultimately Change The Life Of890 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Letter to Emily† is a written response to illegal downloading of music and how Emily should feel guilty over something that can ultimately change the life of another. â€Å"I just want to illustrate that small personal decisions have very real consequences, particularly when millions of people make the decision not to compensate artists they supposedly Iove. And it is up to us individually to examine the consequences of our actions. It is not up to governments or corporations to make us choose toRead MoreInternet Protocol Is The Process Of Transmitting And Broadcasting Television Programs975 Words   |  4 Pagescable television. When downloading a file from the Internet, the file doesn’t travel in one big piece, as might be expected. Instead, it s broken up into small pieces, known as packets sent to specific IP address, a numeric address given to every computer on the Internet ( Therefore every computer has a unique identifying number known as an IP address much like houses and street address. The Internet can be used for many things: sending emails, downloading files, making telephoneRead MoreThe Corruption of Downloading Music832 Words   |  3 Pagesmainstream. But should it be legal to those who have broken the law against the music industry and its artists? More specifically by RIAA the criminal can be charged by up to five years of jail time and fines up to $250,000. Some people agree that music files should be digitally shared, so everyone can have easy access to their favorite music without spending a substantial amount of money. But not everyone agrees with this idea. Some p eople believe that music file sharing should be illegal sinceRead MoreThe Impact Of Internet And Social Media On Copyright Laws1061 Words   |  5 Pagesbut not the idea. With the digital age copyright laws are not adapt to protect these rights. With the vast amount of information that is available digital copyright infringement takes place almost on an hourly basis. According to Owen Gallagher, (Should Copyright Laws Changes in the Digital Age?) â€Å"Copyright are meant to create a balance, providing benefits to society at large by giving us more creative works while also providing benefits to the individuals who bring those works to us.† Effects onRead MoreA List Of The 10 Best Wordpress Plugins Arguments862 Words   |  4 Pagesimage optimisation. The free plugin even has a feature that automatically distributes your content to third party services, such as search engines. 4. OneSignals Looking for a plugin to drive more traffic to your blog or site? Then consider downloading OneSignals. The simple plugin uses web push technology that will allow people to subscribe to your site and then get automatic notification whenever you publish new content. It’s an effective way of keeping your readers and visitors engaged withRead MoreMobile Device Security Concerns For Android Powered Mobile Devices Essay1234 Words   |  5 Pagespotentially steal data, or even access company resources from a lost or misplaced smartphone (Cavalcanti, Viana, Lins, 2015). Additionally, there is the problem of Wi-Fi infrastructure itself. Currently, WPA2 Personal mode encryption is easily broken with a brute-force attack (Harris Patten, 2014). Perhaps the most important threat to smartphones and tablets, and especially Android-based devices, is malware. Malware that targets Android-based devices is growing at an exponential rate, andRead More Got Internet Pornography? Essay1283 Wo rds   |  6 Pagespassword for you and your eyes only. It also lets people that want to get their amateur pictures out there. The Cons of Pornography on the internet is that it is very easy to get to especially if you have Kazaa, or a downloading program similar, because they have tons of them on those downloading programs even child pornography. I also believe that this has given a rise to the child porn industry if there is such a thing. It has also given a rise in things that would not have been done and published inRead MoreThe Importance Of Copyright Law For Online Piracy738 Words   |  3 PagesSo I was walking into the store when I heard my song being played. I turned and walked up to the group of kids that were playing it and they instantly recognized me. I asked them if they had purchased the album and they started laughing. Mind you, they really weren’t that old when one shouted out, â€Å"We download out music off a website.† When I got home I called my agent and told him about this website and he let me know that he knew about it and it was costing us hundreds of dollars. There are plentyRead MoreIllegal Downloading and Its Effect on the Entertainment Industry2411 Words   |  10 PagesILLEGAL DOWNLOADING AND ITS EFFECT ON THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY The act of illegal downloading and its effect on the entertainment industry is an argument that has provoked many different reactions and opinions from many people in many different industries around the globe. In this essay the author will examine the different aspects to this argument, both positive and negative, and also share their own opinions and experiences. However, the main focus of the essay is on the side of the file sharer

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